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Our commitment: Responsibility and Sustainable Development

From the design of its range of vehicle, Univers VE Helem has integrated a logic of sustainable development around 3 axes:

  • Lightness

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    After a recognized past in motorsports, Helem brand has always been synonymous with performance and lightness.
    Univers VE Helem illustrates this knowledge, materialized by the L-EM Tech® patent, which, combined with the solutions Powertrain by E4V® permits unmatched performance.
    Therefore it is no longer necessary to choose between payload, speed and autonomy.

  • Materials nobles, durable and recyclable

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    Aluminum is the principal material the L-EM Tech® technology.
    Designed for a service life of over 20 years, our vehicles demonstrate that sustainability and performance are synonymous.

  • Intelligent management of energy consumption

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    Weight and power consumption are intimately connected.
    All these technologies allow you to connect into a simple plug, at home, in your business ... and recharge 20 % per hour .